Sufferfest-style 4DP cycling power curve calculator for interval training

I made an automated Excel spreadsheet to easily model your power curve data from 6 figures. Sort of like Sufferfest’s 4DP only with 2 more dimensions. It’s 6DP. It pairs nicely with an ERG mode capable trainer.

I generally find that intervals set to 80-85% of my max are good for an intense workout, without repeatedly pushing me beyond recovery and just blowing my legs up.

So since most people’s power curve generally looks like an exponential curve it’s pretty easy to just take away 80% of the values and keep values in or near essential numbers. This is the idea behind Sufferfest’s 4-Dimensional power. It just creates a simple model of your power curve based on 5 sec, 1 min, 5 min and 20 minute power. I just copied that but added 20 second and 2 hour power, to get a slightly more detailed graph.

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